Trump Arrives For Football Game and What He Does Next STUNS The Whole Stadium

President Trump arrived in Atlanta, Georgia this evening to attend the college football national championship game between The University of Georgia and The University of Alabama.

As soon as he got to the field, Trump was received with applause and excitement from fans. Then what he did next FLOORED the crowd!

Zac Brown Band stood in the middle of the field to sing the Star Spangled Banner, to which Trump walked right out onto the field and stood with his hand on his heart.

Trump takes to the field for “Star-Spangled Banner” rendition ahead of college football national championship game in Atlanta

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Pres. Trump takes the field for the National Anthem ahead of tonight’s college football championship game.

Throughout this 2017 NFL season, television ratings have declined and fans, TV pundits, and reporters have speculated as to the biggest cause. On social media, many people railed that players protesting during the national anthem led outraged Americans to boycott.

A new survey from SurveyMonkey and Ozy Media, shared first with Yahoo Finance, finds that 33% of NFL fans boycotted the league this year—but not entirely because they were outraged by the player protests. Nearly equal proportions boycotted in support of Colin Kaepernick or the protests as boycotted in support of President Trump, who vocally opposed the protests.

The survey, conducted from Dec. 8—11 of 2017, polled a national sample of 1,726 adults ages 18 and up. It found that 1,233 of those people identifed as football fans.

The survey then asked the football fans: “Did you purposely stop watching or attending NFL games this season for any reason?” 33% of respondents said yes.

That group, which the survey labeled as “boycotting,” was asked why, and was given multiple options. Note: Respondents were allowed to select multiple answers; they were not asked which was the biggest factor, just which factors contributed.